Friday, January 4, 2008

China WTF!!!!!!

I have come to realize that we as Americans like taking it up the ass by China. Lets think this through a little bit; a communist country that does not care about human rights, enjoys unchecked polluting of its land, water and air, has little oversight of manufacturing procedures, is building its military at an alarming rate and owns a huge amount of our debt. Kind of like strolling into a lion’s cage, with a steak hanging around your neck. If there is an item sold in the US, chances are it is made in China. Better yet I challenge you to spend a little time in most any store. Look at the product labels and try to find products not made in China. Good luck, our consumer driven thirst for cheap shit, has created a situation where we are dependant on China for manufacturing our cheap shit and most everything else. Now they are enjoying expanding their footprint by drilling oil wells between Florida and Cuba. China is pissing in our backyard and laughing all the way to the bank. Meanwhile back at the ranch we refuse to build nuclear reactors for energy and god forbid we drill for oil in Alaska or off any of our coasts. It seems the U.S. operates with no plan B. Our dependency on China leaves us in a rather precarious position. What if relations with China were to go south? What would we do? Our consumer market would tank. We think the current mortgage situation is dire but it would pale in comparison to a consumer market with little to consume. Back to our debt, what if China dumped the notes they hold? Our dollar would plummet to unprecedented lows crippling our economy. POLUTION……Where the hell are all the global warming fanatics? China does not give a shit about pollution in any form; they are only concerned with improving their world economic standing and building their military.

Is anyone else thinking about this nonsense or am I the only person?

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