Monday, March 10, 2008

Don't They Get It?

I find it very interesting that we now vote against a candidate, instead of voting for a candidate. It is apparent we are voting for the lesser of two evils. Taking that a step further, I think our choices for candidates suck! For the record I am independent, so when talking about politics both parties suck equally for different reasons. Look at the Robin Hood Democrats, they want to take from the rich and give to the poor. The problem is the definition of rich has been blurred and the bar lowered. So you middle class folks better hang on to your wallets because you may be richer than you think. Think about all of the tax dollars Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama want to spend! By the way, at the hell do we need the government in health care for? If Hillary or Barack get elected we can begin calling the United States the (USSR – United States Socialist Republic). Talk about the camels nose under the tent, it is time to kick that camel back to the desert. Our Republican friends are not much better; they keep talking about less government however the government is bigger than ever. The republicans blame the dems and the dems blame the republicans. Meanwhile the citizens keep paying more and more taxes. It is time to take a more libertarian approach to our government.

Our choice will be Hillary or Barack between John McCain.

It looks like the Republicans are speaking to most of my issues:

  1. Reduction in the size and cost of government.
  2. Close the borders and create a reasonable plan to deal with the illegal aliens.
  3. Reduce taxes!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Create Energy independence.

If not, we will become the USSR. The founding fathers knew this when they crafted the constitution. Remember England was not always our friend in the world and we had to fight them for our independence. The government needs to get back to the job of protecting our country and providing for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our presidential candidates better wise up or the citizens will have to rise up against them. The second amendment allows for the citizens to keep and bear arms. Everyone needs to understand this is not for hunting enthusiasts and target shooting. An armed society cannot and will not be forced into submission. Our politicians need to understand they work for us and they do our bidding. If they continue to ignore this, they will have a rude awakening. Our society is based on the freedoms afforded us in the constitution and little by little these freedoms are being eroded. This is what is so disturbing about voting against someone…we are picking the lesser of two evils. When picking the lesser of two evils…only a few think they win. Our stake in this is enormous and yet the politicians would like us to follow them like lambs to the slaughter.

Some Ramblin Blue Lizard food for thought when you step into that booth and are forced to vote against someone!