Thursday, December 20, 2007


Recently it seems immigration both legal and illegal, have been fused together as one. I for one would like to understand how this metamorphosis happened. Immigration is one of the founding principles of our nation and has made us the great nation we are. Current rhetoric floating around the airways would make us all believe that legal and illegal immigration are the same. They are not! Legal immigrants have every right afforded them by our laws and illegal immigrants do not. Nobody twisted the illegal immigrants arms to come here, they did so under their own free will. Once they crossed into the U.S. they committed a crime. Everyone understands they are just looking for a better way of life, but it does not excuse the fact that they are criminals. Harsh? Maybe, but the fact remains a law was broken upon entering this country illegally. Not to mention the other laws violated for using false social security numbers, driving without licenses and being uninsured motorists. Are people really discriminating? No, they are just tired of the unchecked flow illegal immigrants coming across our southern border? In California we have a large population of Hispanic workers from Mexico and South America. They have proved to be some of the hardest working members of our society, not to mention their strong family values. Do they have a place in our society? Of course they do! Just like the Irish, Italians, Germans and numerous other nationalities that legally immigrated here. People I have talked with to do not have a problem with documented Mexican immigrants. The problem is with the more than 11,000,000 undocumented immigrants in the United States from all over the world. To put 11 million people in perspective, the U.S. Census bureau estimated the population of California at approximately 36 million people. That is nearly a third of the population of California. Hard to believe the government has allowed this to happen. Since 9/11 you would think sealing our borders would pretty high on the list of priorities! It seems political bullshit is a priority over our nations safety. Go figure………………….. I guess this makes me a Blue Lizard!

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